Our House in France
Our House in France
Rent our lovely house in the wine-growing town of Valros, France

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Our other house in France


Beaucoup de charme

15th-century home in France seeks exciting new lover

“Moi?” you might wonder.

The house is in the oldest quarter of a small and ancient southern French wine-making village, a few steps from a well-cared-for medieval church. (Oh, the bells!) Our 3-level house sleeps 9, with 3 full washrooms, 2 outside decks, and other important modernizations. Carved into the fireplace mantel in the vaulted-ceiling room is a Latin phrase from its early days as a tavern.

This least-known area of France (the Occitanie, formerly the Languedoc-Roussillon) is rich in everything that makes a place on Earth endlessly interesting: landscape, the arts, the Med, incredible food, history, boutique wines. We've vacationed there now for almost two decades and are still discovering new things on every trip.

Now Wanted: a visionary new owner who will lift this ultra-rare house to “stunning-hood.”

Are YOU next in line to restore its full glory?



We bought our first house in France in 1999, pretty much on a whim.

It turned out to be a life-altering decision.

We got to explore in depth a remarkable corner of the world. We got to know our neighbors. We worked as well as played: between us, we probably completed a half-dozen books in that dining room, our windows open to village life. In France, we moved at a different pace — a little-bit-medieval pace — for more than 17 years.

To our surprise, buying a house in France even turned out to be a decent investment. After some upgrades and renovations, we were able to rent the place when we weren’t there ... and it basically paid for itself from that point on.

Why are we selling? We wanted to downsize. We bought a second house just up the street, in the same little village we've grown to adore.

And we traded our olive tree for a lilac.

      John O'Neill